22 May 2016

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12 May 2013

Goat and sheep Shipment to Sarawak

Asalamualaikum and Peace One Malaysia for the information to those who live in Sarawak and are keen to get a goat breeds (Boer & Saanen, Anglo Nubian) that are imported from Australia, we have made a shipment to Sarawak during Dec. 2013. So to anyone who is interested can contact us to make a reservation. Any questions are very welcome.

* Pls email us at pbramunia7@gmail.com or Call us Azizan 016-7678575/019-7917309

15 January 2013

Dorper to Sabah

Greeting for Sabah Farmer  for your information if you live in Sabah and interested to get a Dorper black headed or White Dorper we have a space shipment going to Sabah in March/April 2013, so to the rear and keen to expand to expand breeding Dorper sheep reservation can made through us.

For Inquiry or booking please email us at pbramunia8@gmail.com or call Zizan Omar @ 016-7678575

02 August 2012

Black head Dorper and white Dorper - Shipment Aug Sept. 2012

Shipment Aug Sept. 2012 Shipment to Malaysia

For those who are interested in booking Dorper sheep imports from Australia offer can be made now:-

Offer rice ex Animal Airport KLIA :-

1) Registered Dorper stud RM2800 per / head

2) White Dorper ewes RM1350 per / head
3)  Black Head Dorper ewes  RM1400 per / head

Price can negotiable depend on how many purchase.

 For more information or ordering ,please email at pbramunia8@gmail.com  or call Zizan Omar @ +6019-7917309 / +6016-7678575

22 July 2012

Young Boer Goats and Boer Cross For Sell: -

Offer to anyone who is interested to get the  young Boer and Boer goats male and Full blood F2/F3/F4/F5 grade age from 5 months to 7 months price from RM 380 - RM 700. (According to grade bleeding  Boer goats )

Interested parties may contact via email at pbramunia7@gmail.com or call Zizan Omar 
@ 016-7678575 / 019-7917309

15 July 2012

Difference Between Boer Gaots


With so many different ‘types’ of Boers it is understandably confusing.

There are full blood Boer goats, commercial does, pure bred does, F1’s, F2’s  …… it’s all very confusing.

If you are a new breeder or you are making enquiries from an overseas country, it is important to take a moment to understand the difference.  Most qualified breeders will soon be able to ascertain your needs but it sometimes helps to have a reference checklist hence the explanations set out below.
What are full blood Boer goats?

These animals are registered with certificates confirming that both males and females are descended from registered animals imported from Africa. The Breed Registration Paper / Pedigree Certificate identifies the breeding line of the sire and dam, the date of kidding, the number of kids and other information that is helpful for herd management.

A registered full blood Buck or Doe will meet the Breed Specification criteria for the Boer Goat. A download of this information is available on this website.

What are pure-bred Boer goats?

Pure Bred Boers are the progeny of registered males or females that have been joined to 5th cross goats or higher. These goats cannot be registered.

As a pure-bred the goat will have 93.75% Boer blood. A pure-bred doe may well look just like a full blood doe having the dark brown head and the white body but it will never be able to breed to become a full blood Boer.

As a pure-bred Boer doe, the weight gain of the kids can be matched with that of a full blood Doe but there is always the possibility of a ‘throw-back’ at kidding time with non Boer-like colourings or markings. These might include the light coloured head and ears or patchy colours on the skin.

What are cross-bred Boer goats?

The sire of all cross-bred goats must have a full blood Boer buck. The crosses are often referred to as F1, F2, F3 or F4 and have started with a native or Cashmere goat for the first cross – an F1. Each subsequent breeding from the resulting kid will take the crosses or upgrades though to an F2, F3 then F4. The doe will be a pure-bred at the fourth cross and the buck a pure-bred at F5.

These animals are often referred to as Boer crosses or simply as F1’s, F2’s, F3’s etc They exhibit the hardy, sturdy and fast growth rate that characterises the full blood Boer and are excellent meat animals. No cross-bred Boer will be able to be registered as a full blood animal.

What are commercial bucks and does?

Not all full blood bucks and does will be registered by the breeder. Many breeders will select only the best of the kids from each kidding for the on-going stud breeding program. Some will be rejected simply for aesthetic reasons – brown patches in the wrong places or white patches on the ears but the meat producing qualities will be still be genetically inherent in the animal. These goats are excellent value for a commercial herd where the focus is the slaughter market or where animals have been purchased for property weed control.

Whatever your choice of goat, herd management, feed and nutrition procedures and breeding information will be the same.

14 July 2012

Male Boer Cross For Slaughter

Dear all .... male Boer cross goats for slaughter from Australia is now open to bulk . Weight: 30-35kg aged between 16-20 months. Ex - KLIA  price per quantity negotiable.

For booking or information pls email us @ pbramunia7@gmail.com 
or call zizan @ 019-7917309/016-7678575

13 March 2012

Greetings to all goats breeder and farmer, especially for farmers in South of Malaysia, Feral Goats shipment is estimated to landed on the 21st. March 2012. If you are interested can make reservations. Stcock is limited. Any inquiries and booking please contact Mr. Zizan Omar at 016 7678575 or email at pbramunia8@gmail.com

10 March 2012

We also supply Animal Health and Husbandry

We supplies veterinary medicine such as antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti diarrhea, anti parasite, and so on. We also selling veterinary equipment.


Vitamin A, D and E for reproductive problem, muscle spasms, joint swelling, Breeding Buck, growth and appetite booster

~Calcidex Forte~

Borogluconate 27 g of calcium, magnesium borogluconate 7 g, dextrose 30 g, 0.5g of elemental phosphorus, potassium chloride 0.2 g, 0.5 g caffein carrier qs ad100 mL.

* The Symptoms
Prevention and treatment of milk fever and shortage cases Calcium, Phosphorusand Magnesium. Milk fever, hypocalcemy, hypomagnesemia, tonic, intoxicationsand ketosis.

Intravenous (preferably), subcutaneous or intramuscular route. Bovines: 500-750mL, 250-500 mL Equines, Ovines 10-40 mL, 50-100 mL Porcines, Canines andfelines: 5-25 mL. Repeat if necessary.

~Hematofos B12: Multivitamin (condensed)~

Hematofos B12: Multivitamin (condensed)

Cacodylate sodium 30 mg, iron ammonium citrate 20 mg, methionine 10 mg, 5mg of histidinetriptofane 2.5 mg, cobalt acetate 500 mcg, Vitamin B12 (Cianocobalamine) 11 mcgThiamine Chlorhydrate 50 mg, Riboflavin 2 mg,Nicotinamide 50 mg , Pyridoxine 10 mg SOD xxx

Prevention, treatment of all types of anemia. General tonicemaciation, weaknesshigh productioninappetencebrokenintoxicationssexualexhaustion, hair loss, appetite and other powerful and stimulating growth,increase production and improve the appearance of animal exhibits.

Intramuscularsubcutaneous or endovenous routeCattle and equines10-12 mL.Calf-Colts5-10 mL, Sheeps and goats1 mL/10 Kg. Small species1 mL / 5 kg.

Box 5 x 10ml glass bottles, glass bottles of 20 mL, glass bottles of 50 mL, glass bottles of 100 mL, 250 mL glass bottles.
~Catofos B9 + B12: Vitamin~
Catofos B9 + B12: Vitamin* FORMULA-Phosphonous acid [- (n-Butilamine)-1-methyl ethyl(Butafosfan) 10 gvitamin B9(folic acid) 1.5 g, vitamin B12 (cianocobalamine) 5 mg, excipients qs ad 100 mL.
* The Symptoms
Indicated when phosphorus supplementation is needed to improve animal and /or to optimize production, when the administration over two vitamins are present in the formula required.

Intravenous routesintramuscular or subcutaneousBovinesequines10-25 mL.Dairy cattle before birth20 mL to-6. and 4weeks before birth. BetisColts5-12mL. OvinesCamelids and caprines2.5 to 5 mL. Pig2.5 to 10 mL. swine1 to 2.5 mL. Dogs0.5 to 5 mL. Cats0.5 to 1 mL. Henschickens, fighting cocks0.5 to 1 mL

A 20 mL glass bottles, glass bottles 50 mL, 100 mL glass bottles, glass bottles of250 mL.

25 January 2012

Australian Saanen and Dorper

G'day, for Malaysian goat breeder/farmer ~ who are interested to get a good quality breeds of Saanen dairy goats and Dorpers sheep from Australia may make reservation for booking. Selection will be in beginning of Feb. 2012

You can make booking now, we expected shipment landed at the end at the end of March.Fullblood Buck and Does price start from RM 2,900, price can be discussed if large quantity. The picture above is the exactly goats that we will bring back to Malaysia into the future. Deposit in a serious need for order.
If you interested please feel free to contact us @ Zizan 019-7917309 or Basri 012-3804245