28 March 2010

Feral Bucks & Boer x wethers

Beside as a Boer breeder and handle enquires for importer we also handling and supplying slaughtering Feral bucks and Boer x wethers.

Please use the chart below as a guide to pricing for Feral -v- wethers



Ex KLIA Cost

Ex Farm Cost


Ave 35kg

per head RM 520

RM 460

min.10 head

RM 480

min 5 head


Ave 40kg

per head RM 600

RM 490

min. 10 head

RM 510

min 5 head

Boer x wethers

Avg 35kg

per head 550

RM 470

min 10 head

RM 530

Min. 5 head

Boer x wethers

Avg 40 kg

Per head 590

RM 500

Min 10 head

RM 520

Min 5 head