17 October 2009


G'day Alhamdulillah the demand and promote the health now 'once again' / I / we are in aussie and we offer you 'price well prepared 'for the breed goat imported from Australia which is always a place in the hearts of fans of goat specialy for Malaysia breeder. Do not hesitate to the price certainty, order, or anything even just sms us (best if halo halo)! Ignore the value of the aussie currency is still increasing our prices remain affordable to the breeder and fans.

We have prepared a short list price for shipment last Nov-Dec (ex-KLIA):

Boer Breed:
1) Boer buck Fullblood Register (> 55kg) RM2, 500
2) Stud buck Boer Fullblood (> 55kg) RM3, 500
3) Fullblood Does Registed (> 35kg) RM2, 100 Ready stock
4) Buck Kalahari Registed (> 50kg) RM2, 500
5) Does Registed Kalahari (> 30kg) 2.200 Unregisted (30kg) 1.200 Ready stock
6) Female Purebreed (> 30kg) RM1, 200 Ready stock 4) Female F4/F5 (25 ~ 30kg) RM1, 050 7) Female F3/F4 (25 ~ 30kg) RM950
8) Female F1/F2 (25 ~ 30kg) RM700

Breed Dairy (DEBOOMM RATES):

1) Buck- Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine and Anglo Nubian. Fullblood Register (> 50kg) RM2, 500 )
2)Doe Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine & Nubian Agnlo. Fullblood Register (28 ~ 35kg) of RM2, 300
- For female non-dairy goats Register / cross price below RM 1,500

Slaughter (slaughter non-price)
1) Weather Boer (Averaging 35kg) RM480
2) Feral (averaging 35kg) RM460

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