25 January 2012

Australian Saanen and Dorper

G'day, for Malaysian goat breeder/farmer ~ who are interested to get a good quality breeds of Saanen dairy goats and Dorpers sheep from Australia may make reservation for booking. Selection will be in beginning of Feb. 2012

You can make booking now, we expected shipment landed at the end at the end of March.Fullblood Buck and Does price start from RM 2,900, price can be discussed if large quantity. The picture above is the exactly goats that we will bring back to Malaysia into the future. Deposit in a serious need for order.
If you interested please feel free to contact us @ Zizan 019-7917309 or Basri 012-3804245

24 January 2012

Feral Goat For Slaughter

G'day, Feral Goats shipment from Australia will be arriving on the 31th Jan. 2012. For who interested  to have a stock for slaughtering goats may make a reservation now. Stock is limited. 
Price per head ex farm Batu Pahat, Johore start from RM 700-740. For wholesale (min. 10 heads) price start from RM 630-650 ~ price according from the size of the goats)

Please feel free to contact us @ Zian Omar 019 7917309 or Basri 012 3804245