15 November 2008

My Visit to the Terraweena - AI and Embryo

My visiting to Terraweena Boer Goat Stud.
Terraweena owned by Australian Breeding Service Pty. Ltd (ABS) ia a leading breeder and supplier of Boer goats, Dorper and White Doper.

ABS was responsible for the introduction of the Boer goats to Australia in 1990. Since that time they have exported live animals to many country of the world as well as specializing in the transfer of livestock through the means of embryo transfer.

Having bred Boer goats since 1989, the Terraweena stud has established a style of its own. The original bloodline are now completely infused and are recognized simply as the Terraween Type. Nevertheless, frequent trips to south Africa are made to ensure that Terraweena remains at the cutting edge. ABS latest importation of embryo from South Africa was from Lukas Burger stud in 2006 and resulted in the prized”Terrweena Burger” an animal in a class of his own and Australian National Champion Buck in 2007.

At Terraweena Angus Burneet Smith explain to me how they made AI
and the embryo transfer...he also offer me to introduced the embryo in Malaysia
Artificial Insemination is the injection of semen from a goat buck into the vagina of doe goat by chosen tool …….
History of artificial Insemination
Artificial Insemination is older than everyone in this room’s ages combined. Documents from around 1322 A.D. state that an Arab chief wanted to mate his mare to a stallion owned by his rival. So he preformed an amateur version of the artificial insemination we know today. Then in 1780, Spallanzani successfully bred two dogs with the use of A.I. Leading to him being named the inventor of artificial insemination.
Advantages of artificial insemination
The greatest advantage of Artificial Insemination is that it increases the maximum use of superior sires. It allows easier access for consumers to obtaining high quality sperm
Increase accuracy and selection intensity
You can compare herds easier.
Introduce new genetics easier

The collection of semen
There are several ways to collect semen. Although the use of an artificial vagina is most common.The artificial vagina is made of a firm cylindrical tube that has a thin-walled rubber lining.
Semen Extension
The main reason for extending (or diluting) the semen is to increase the number of females that can be inseminated from one ejaculation. A normal ejaculated from a dairy bull will contain 5 to 10 billion sperm, which can be used to inseminate 300 to 1000 cows if fully extended. There are several good semen extenders. Those made from egg yolk or pasteurized, homogenized milk are two of the most widely used. A good tender not only adds volume ejaculate but favors sperm survival and longevity. Dilution rate depends on quality of sperm per insemination have good conception rates. Penicillin and streptomycin are added to semen extenders. These antibiotics inhibit bacterial growth and reduce danger of spreading diseases such as vibriosis.

Handling Semen
A revolutionized discovery was made; That semen could be frozen. It can also be stored for indefinite periods. British scientists discovered that addition of glycerol to the semen extender improved resistance of sperm to freezing, in 1949. Glycerol removes water from the sperm before freezing. It also prevents the ice crystals from damaging the sperm.

Semen storage
One way is dry ice and alcohol (-100 degrees F)
Liquid nitrogen (-320 degrees F), the preferred method. Is preferred because there isn’t any deterioration with age.
When using dry ice and alcohol fertility declines gradually.

But …before your artificially inseminate
The first step in figuring out the right time to consider artificial insemination is detecting the time that your female is in heat. Many prefer to use prostaglandin (s) or “PG” (potent hormone-like substance found in bodily tissues that have important functions in the animal body,) so they can focus their labor to restricted amounts of time for heat detection, instead of relying on daily observations.
There are a multitude of ovulation management products being used today, which include combinations of either PG and/or GnRH (other hormones). While PG is used, as a one-shot or two-shot administration it has been the basis of most operations, the development of the OvSynch procedure has become more popular, and good results have been achieved with this GnRH/PG combination.