10 March 2012

We also supply Animal Health and Husbandry

We supplies veterinary medicine such as antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti diarrhea, anti parasite, and so on. We also selling veterinary equipment.


Vitamin A, D and E for reproductive problem, muscle spasms, joint swelling, Breeding Buck, growth and appetite booster

~Calcidex Forte~

Borogluconate 27 g of calcium, magnesium borogluconate 7 g, dextrose 30 g, 0.5g of elemental phosphorus, potassium chloride 0.2 g, 0.5 g caffein carrier qs ad100 mL.

* The Symptoms
Prevention and treatment of milk fever and shortage cases Calcium, Phosphorusand Magnesium. Milk fever, hypocalcemy, hypomagnesemia, tonic, intoxicationsand ketosis.

Intravenous (preferably), subcutaneous or intramuscular route. Bovines: 500-750mL, 250-500 mL Equines, Ovines 10-40 mL, 50-100 mL Porcines, Canines andfelines: 5-25 mL. Repeat if necessary.

~Hematofos B12: Multivitamin (condensed)~

Hematofos B12: Multivitamin (condensed)

Cacodylate sodium 30 mg, iron ammonium citrate 20 mg, methionine 10 mg, 5mg of histidinetriptofane 2.5 mg, cobalt acetate 500 mcg, Vitamin B12 (Cianocobalamine) 11 mcgThiamine Chlorhydrate 50 mg, Riboflavin 2 mg,Nicotinamide 50 mg , Pyridoxine 10 mg SOD xxx

Prevention, treatment of all types of anemia. General tonicemaciation, weaknesshigh productioninappetencebrokenintoxicationssexualexhaustion, hair loss, appetite and other powerful and stimulating growth,increase production and improve the appearance of animal exhibits.

Intramuscularsubcutaneous or endovenous routeCattle and equines10-12 mL.Calf-Colts5-10 mL, Sheeps and goats1 mL/10 Kg. Small species1 mL / 5 kg.

Box 5 x 10ml glass bottles, glass bottles of 20 mL, glass bottles of 50 mL, glass bottles of 100 mL, 250 mL glass bottles.
~Catofos B9 + B12: Vitamin~
Catofos B9 + B12: Vitamin* FORMULA-Phosphonous acid [- (n-Butilamine)-1-methyl ethyl(Butafosfan) 10 gvitamin B9(folic acid) 1.5 g, vitamin B12 (cianocobalamine) 5 mg, excipients qs ad 100 mL.
* The Symptoms
Indicated when phosphorus supplementation is needed to improve animal and /or to optimize production, when the administration over two vitamins are present in the formula required.

Intravenous routesintramuscular or subcutaneousBovinesequines10-25 mL.Dairy cattle before birth20 mL to-6. and 4weeks before birth. BetisColts5-12mL. OvinesCamelids and caprines2.5 to 5 mL. Pig2.5 to 10 mL. swine1 to 2.5 mL. Dogs0.5 to 5 mL. Cats0.5 to 1 mL. Henschickens, fighting cocks0.5 to 1 mL

A 20 mL glass bottles, glass bottles 50 mL, 100 mL glass bottles, glass bottles of250 mL.

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