25 December 2007

PM (Pak Lah) recalls Goat-Rearing Days

The Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute has identified the Boer goat as a suitable breed for local production due to its fast growth rate. Abdullah said agriculture had much potential but in developing the sector as the third pillar of the economy – after manufacturing and tourism – the Government faced an uphill battle in getting the people to see it as a potential money earner. He said this was because many of those who had been involved in small-scale agriculture remained poor and most of their children preferred to do something else. “If they only knew the potential of this sector – now that our agro-based industry is going through rapid development – they would have persevered,” he said. Even then, he added, farmers and others in the agriculture sector needed to change their approach by applying new technologies to ensure optimum use of their land. “If they want to continue the way that their forefathers had worked on their land, then do not bother. There is no future for them,” he said.

Credit to the Star: Sunday, April 09, 2006

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