18 January 2009

Cheverdor Golden Goats

Chevredor is continually sourcing top quality bloodlines to keep our breeding stock vigorous and our show teams amongst the most successful in Queensland. The large variety of top quality, unrelated lines means that, with careful selection, stud buyers can choose foundation animals without worrying about the possibility of “in breeding” for many years.

The Sires
The engine room of any stud is its sires. Chevredor's stud sires are rigourously selected for heavy bone structure, length and exceptional muscle developement. We are continually sourcing excellent sires from a variety of imported South African and Australian bloodlines. This variety of bloodlines allows purchases to select unrelated animals for their own herds. Chevredor currently has ten standing sires and holds semen from many more.

"Jo Dirt"
Jo Dirt (BIGFV0371) This son of “Karbo Tarzan” (Nico Botha breeding) was purchased by Chevredor at 18months old. He has been Chevredor’s most successful and consistent sire to date. Our current show team is dotted with his progeny and they continue to uphold his winning reputation. Jo Dirt is now jointly owned with Redrock Boers.

Snake (BIGFXHL26)Imported as an embryo from Du Raan SA this son of SA Holyfield was purchased in 2003 to complement our line of Holyfield does. This buck just keeps getting better. His impressive show record has been backed up by an impressive first crop of kids with good length and consistently wide stance. Stud classified by Jackie Jordaan, Snake represents another distinct bloodline offered by Chevredor and his stud classification, received from Jackie Jordaan is an assurance of quality.

Nikko (MERFV0203)Nikko won his class at Brisbane Royal in 2002 and was purchased by Chevredor as a Senior buck. He is Nico Botha bred from the Glipsie line and his wide stance and exceptional muscling make him an excellent addition to our stud line up. Offspring from this buck are available.

Nugget (CHVFY0096)This exceptional young buck (pictured at 12 months) had it all, length, depth and width, together with strong legs, good stance, perfect colour and excellent head and horn set. He had been shown only three times when he was tragically lost, leaving only a handful of progeny, most of which are on our junior show team. All progeny and related stock have been withdrawn from sale temporarily as we line-breed in an attempt to reproduce the exceptional characteristics of this magnificent young buck.

by the way more info feel free to check it out at http://www.chevredor.net/


  1. hi, i was looking for the person or persons that owns/owned Snake (BIGFXHL26) is he deceased? do you have semen straws from him? i live in the states, and was wondering if someone could contact me.
    thanks Donna


  2. Good day. i would also like to know whom was the breeder in SA you bought snake from. im currently based in Namibia