30 September 2010

Slaughter Goats And Breeding Goats


For Oct / Nov 2010 shipment -
Average Shipment for Feral 35kg-40kg -
who are interested can make reservations now…..call for the best price

Price For Feral 35-40kg RM 450 minimum 10 heads - RM 440 minimum 30 heads, more than 50 heads may be negotiable with your take on the MAS Kargo - God willing.

For those interested in goat breeds like Boer / Saanen / Toggenburg / Anglo Nubian and Dorper and White Dorper sheep can also make reservations now for Shipment Oct / Nov. so don't wise you time call us at +6016-7406141/+6145151448 or email at pbramunia8@gmail.com

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